Custom Printing & Branding Options

Cover Your Movit or Minit Plastic Barriers with Custom Printing and Branding Options

Elevate your crowd control solution with our Custom Printing & Branding Options for Movit® Barricades. At Movit Barricades, we understand the importance of making a statement and creating a lasting impression. That’s why we offer tailored printing solutions to seamlessly integrate your brand messaging, advertisements, or safety information directly onto our barricades.

Key Features of Custom Printing:

  1. Plug-and-Play Branding Area:

    • Explore our built-in branding area designed for effortless customization.
    • Showcase your logo, marketing messages, or safety instructions seamlessly.
  2. Versatile Color Options:

    • Choose from a variety of vibrant colors to complement your brand aesthetics.
    • Create a cohesive and visually appealing crowd control solution.
  3. Tailored Design Assistance:

    • Our design experts are ready to assist you in creating impactful visuals.
    • Transform your barricades into effective communication tools.
  4. High-Quality Custom Printing:

    • Benefit from top-notch printing quality that ensures durability and longevity.
    • Your brand will stand out with clarity and precision.

Custom Printing Applications:

  • Promotional Events: Enhance brand visibility and create a memorable brand experience at events.

  • Construction Sites: Communicate safety guidelines and project information effectively.

  • Emergency Situations: Convey urgent messages and instructions during critical situations.

  • Public Spaces: Advertise services, promotions, or community messages in high-traffic areas.

How to Get Started with Custom Printing:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to our team to discuss your branding needs and receive expert guidance.

  2. Design Consultation: Collaborate with our design experts to create a customized and impactful design.

  3. Production and Delivery: Once the design is finalized, we ensure prompt production and delivery to your location.

Transform your Movit® Barricades into powerful brand ambassadors. Explore the possibilities of custom printing and branding options to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Contact us today to get started by filling in the form below.


Movit Barricade With Custom Printing Jacket Cover

Movit Plastic Barriers Covered With A Custom Printed Barrier Jacket

Your plastic crowd control barricades are ideal advertising real estate! Let us custom print your logo, promotional, or directional message and put you Movit and Minit barricades to work for you!

MovitBarricade Custom Printed Covers Can Be Used For:

Movit Barricade Plastic Barriers With Custom Printed Construction Covers

Construction Notifications

Movit Barricade Covers With Custom Advertising Printing

Advertising Your Brand

Custom Printed Movit Barricade Covers With Notification And Warning Messgaes

Notification and Warning Messages

Informing And Directing Custom Printed Movit Barricades

Informing and Direction the Public

Also Available – Movit Barricade Logo Decals

Decal stickers can be put directly on your plastic Movit or Minit crowd barriers to advertise your brand or show ownership to prevent theft.

Select from Two Styles:

Movitbarricade With Custom Decal For Advertising

Printed Material Covering Entire Center

Movit Plastic Barricade With Custom Logo Decal

Center Decal Sticker for Barrier

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