About Movit Barricades

Movit Barricades

Introducing the Movit Barricade – proudly crafted in the USA, a testament to our commitment to American manufacturing. At Tamis, we believe in upholding this tradition, contributing to the local, state, and national economy while delivering excellence in quality.

Explore the premier plastic crowd control solution in the US market – the Movit barricade. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, its patented design is visually appealing and stands out as the top choice in pedestrian barricades. This attractive and cost-effective steel barricade alternative is stanchion-compatible, offering a unique one-piece design with interlocking ends for a robust crowd control experience.

Crafted from a strengthened polypropylene formula, the Movit barricade is recyclable, environmentally friendly, and resistant to rust, chipping, or scratching. Its double-sided locking mechanism adapts to uneven ground, ensuring flexibility and stability. Lightweight yet capable of handling crowds effectively at just under 26 lbs., these traffic safety barricades are easy for work crews to handle and arrange.

The Movit® line comes in various popular colors and features a built-in plug-and-play branding area, perfect for marketing, advertising, and safety messaging. With its exceptional features, it’s no wonder the Movit® has been successfully deployed at numerous prominent events worldwide.

This barricade is so unique that it doubles as art! Displayed in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, the Movit® takes center stage in the assemblage titled Noble Ape, created by renowned artist Louise Paramor in 2013. Experience the excellence of the Movit® – where functionality meets artistry.

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