RackiT Bike Rack System

Innovative Bike Rack System for Easy and Attractive Bike Storage

We are pleased to introduce our new innovative RackiT Bike Rack System designed for large scale bike corals. Our bike rack system comes in three different styles and can be arranged in countless setups to achieve a creative and aesthetically appealing design



RackiT Key Style Bike Rack

The RackiT Key bike rack system is a uniquely designed bicycle coral. Utilizing a simple, yet attractive design, the Rack-iT Key makes it easy to load and remove bicycles. The design of the key style bike rack makes it ideal for small and narrow spaces.

RackiT Key Style Specifications

Rack-iT Bike Rack Key Style Specifications


RackiT Key Benefits:

  • Single Bike Rack
  • Elegant and Beautiful Design
  • Creative and Unique Appearance
  • Corrosion Resistant

RackIt Key Photo 3 RackIt Key Photo 6 

RackIt Key Photo 12 RackIt Key Photo 4


RackiT Lock Style Bike Rack

The RackiT Lock bike rack system is an attractive alternative to traditional bicycle racking systems. Able to be installed on the ground or on a wall, the Rack-iT Lock bike rack can be placed at different angles to create the most aesthetically pleasing displays. Use one single Rack-iT Lock unit or several together to fit your needs perfectly!

RackiT Lock Specifications

Rack-iT Bike Rack Lock Style Specifications

RackiT Lock Advantages:

  • Durable Exterior
  • Innovative and Unique Design
  • Galvanized Powder Coated Finish
  • Easily Installed

Rackit Lock 7 Rackit Lock 8

Rackit Lock 6 Rackit Lock 13



RackiT Boot Style Bike Rack

The RackiT Boot bike rack is our third innovative bicycle rack style. It’s a durable and sturdy rack that is weather resistant and maintenance free. This style is particularly good for use in parks, playgrounds, restaurants, schools, universities, apartment buildings, condominiums, domestic homes, and retail stores.

RackiT Boot Specifications

Rack-iT Bike Rack Boot Style Specifications

RackiT Boot Advantages:

  • Durable Exterior
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Supports Front or Rear Wheel
  • Easy to Install

IMG_9074 IMG_9092

RackIt Boot Photo 3 Rackit Boot Photo 8